Community Guide to Growing Greener


raingarden_300_180The Community Guide to Growing Greener is a set of guidelines for developers, designers and community boards intended to advance greener growth and cleaner water in communities. It will help local builders, businesses and residents to use effective, low-cost measures that can cleanse runoff from their property and prevent it from harming water supplies and habitats. This guidance will also help to attract development that can protect community character and valuable natural resources.

Stormwater from roads, homes and businesses is the greatest source of pollution nationwide and here in Massachusetts. Yet, few people know how to use practices such as rain gardens and low impact designs to cleanse the most polluted ‘first flush’ of storm runoff. Stormwater is produced by the entire community, and everyone can prevent pollution. The solutions explained in the guide will enable municipal boards, builders, businesses and residents to make a difference in improving the quality of their environment.

permpavThe guide describes design and construction practices for stormwater management, erosion and sedimentation control, landscape design, and site planning. This guide will also be useful to communities required to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Phase II stormwater regulations.

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Thank you to our sponsors whose generosity and commitment to clean water made this guide possible.




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